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It is a known fact that a significant percentage of energy produced in the United States are from fossil fuels, fossil fuel consists of coal, oil and natural gas. This energy source creates a waste product that could harm the environment by triggering greenhouse effects which promote global warming. This energy source could pollute the air with dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide, which is damaging to our health when inhaled. When you're exposed to such gas, you could experience asthma, fatigue, Cleaner NRG and breathing trouble.

Another great disadvantage to fossil fuels is that it's non-renewable, once it is depleted, we can't produce more.
Having said that, there needs to be a substitute for fossil fuel. Fortunately, scientists have recently come up with the idea of utilizing solar energy as an alternative source.

With solar energy source, sunlight is transformed into direct current (DC) electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells. The conversion of the DC into alternating current (AC) electricity is conducted using an inverter, which makes it feasible to power countless of residential and commercial properties throughout the world. As Elon Musk once said, "We have this convenient fusion reactor in the sky called the sun, you don't need to do anything, it just works. It comes up every day."

Cleaner NRG discusses all the advantages of solar such as the environmental and financial benefits of going solar here .

As a home owner there are many advantages of solar and as you can imagine one of them is less reliance on fossil fuel. Undoubtedly, you can tell that the advantages of utilizing solar energy are simply the drawbacks of using fossil fuels. Solar leaves no waste materials behind, and it is neither damaging to humans, wildlife or the environment in which we all dwell in. There's no need to dig into the earth and utilize land mass in order to acquire such energy source. In addition, it doesn't trigger air and water pollutionIt doesn't contaminate the air and water. In addition, it can be obtained without even digging into the earth and utilizing land mass.

You may click here if you wish to know the environmental, click here and monetary advantages of solar.

Another advantage of solar and a good reason why solar power is a much better choice for house owners is cost. You can now go solar without breaking your bank and if your house is qualified, you could attain 10-40% reduction in electricity expenses. In the United States, house owners can obtain specific government incentives from going solar. For one, a homeowner who wishes to go solar can get the 30% Federal Tax Credit as well as leasing options that can enable him or her to pay for nothing initially and begin saving.
The adoption of solar amongst house owners in the United States is increasing rapidly. Before 2018 ends, the number of home solar installations is anticipated to reach 2 million from 1,000,0000 - number of installations as of 2016.

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